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By Chris Parcellin | November 20, 2003

What were you like growing up?
I was very studious and athletic growing up. I took gymnastics, dance, and was a cheerleader. But I never let my studies slip. I was always at the top of my class and graduated college with 2 majors. I believe that one should always have an even balance in life.

How did your career in sexy B-movies like “Fast Lane To Vegas” get its start?
I moved to Los Angeles in 1997 and got an audition with Playboy right away. One of their casting directors met me at a coffee shop and invited me in. At first, I was reticent about doing nudity. I am from a very conservative, Catholic family and it was not my first choice, however I chose to take a leap of faith and do the movie. My intention being that the footage, which was mostly just speaking scenes would lead me to further work in the direction I wanted to go.

You’ve had some pretty steamy roles. What’s your take on doing those sorts of parts?
I believe there is nothing inherently wrong with doing nudity in movies. Obviously or I would not have done the parts I did. However my personal choice would have been to avoid those parts just because it inhibits my creativity from an acting standpoint. The scripts aren’t terribly challenging as you can imagine. It’s not very difficult in my opinion and I so want to be challenged creatively. As I move up and on, I do less and less B movies, but I’m always willing to look at the script. Some things are just too “B” for me now, however.

What’s it like being a starlet in the B-movie industry?
It’s interesting being a B movie starlet. There are many B movie fans, so that’s entertaining. Getting fan mail from all over the world is great.

What would you say your image is? Are you a bad girl?
My image is the sexy intellectual or the sexy librarian. I have always had that image, even before the movies, because it’s what I truly am. I spend hours with books and writing. A man needs to stimulate my mind, otherwise I find him utterly boring and unsexy. Looks only go so far.

Have you ever auditioned for someone and they pulled out the casting couch?
I have never had the casting couch routing pulled on me. I believe because of what I stated above. When I walk into an office, people just sense that I am all business and that inappropriate action wouldn’t fly with me. I wouldn’t want a job if I didn’t earn it on my acting talent.

What kinds of films do you like?
I love old movies. Actors such as Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren are some of my favorites. I love the innocence and purity of the movies that came out of the 40s, 50s, etc. The way that Holly Golightly can just sleep in Fred’s bed in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” without it being sexual is beautiful. I think our society in general needs to clean things up.

What sorts of roles would you really like to tackle?
As stated above, the roles I would like to tackle are creatively challenging. Very dialogue intensive and not physically based. Some roles with some deep emotion and intricate character detail are very attractive to me. Something where an actor may have to go and live in an

entirely different manner just to “become” the character. Movies that are so well done, the direction so precise, that a subtle look or sigh is captured and tells more than pages of words, are the types I’m interested in.

What’s your message for America’s youth?
My message for America’s youth: Have compassion for everyone on our planet because in reality we are all connected. We all share one earth and peace among all people should be foremost in our governments and minds. Without this, we really have nothing and then all the movies in the

universe won’t save us because they’ll be no one here to watch them.

Visit Mia at her official website.

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