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By Admin | June 8, 2006

Filmmakers Kian Kaul and Derek Prusak announce their independent feature film “flesh” is now complete and was released on 6/6/06. “flesh” is a tale of intimate horror following allies Shane and Raquel, who have reached their end. Exhausted by their unique hunger, a morbid addiction which knows no bounds, they lock themselves in a derelict hotel room to die. Unexpectedly joined by Clara, a used and abused party girl nearing the bottom of her own downward spiral, classic complications and jealousies begin. With no retreat from each other, the fatal three are forced to confront raw, candid and deeply ugly truths in a thoroughly uncompromising exploration of need, desperation and the effortless intoxication of cruelty in human relationships.

The cast includes Bethany Davis, Angela Berliner, Chantal Hediger, Andrew Helm and Anthony Q. Farrell. Kian Kaul wrote and directed while Derek Prusak produced and lensed both “flesh” and all bonus materials. The DVD contains the 84 minute feature film along with 30 minutes of bonus material with special features on the film’s wardrobe stylists The Clothing W***e and Fierce Couture, a video portrait of artist Gidget Gein who created the portrait of Elizabeth Bathory specifically for the movie and an original promotional video for composer Izazel who scored the film.

You can see the film’s trailer, filmmaker and cast bios, a glimpse of the special features and information for ordering the DVD at Additional images from the film may be viewed @

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