By Admin | November 23, 2005

“Merchants Of Death” (originally titled “B.O.R.N.”) capably hands over a bargain-counter treatment of the far more distinguished and orchestrated film “Coma”. A black market organ donor program is in business to supply the rich and well-to-do with whatever body parts they need. At present a heart for one young woman is required.

Three bobby-soxers are nabbed for the gig, and their father Buck Cassidy, who wears a cowboy hat, hits the streets in search of his girls. The police are of no use, so Buck soon enlists the aid of former cop Charlie. The chase is on.

Buck and Charlie spend a large portion of the film staked out in an RV drinking beer, smoking cigars, reminiscing of old times and staring at one another. Meanwhile, B.O.R.N. (Body Organ Replacement Network) carries on with its chores. Dr. Farley butchers the unwilling contributors accordingly, and his attendant Jerry slips away to f**k and fondle some of the other captive cuties.

There’s some nasty surgery scenes, and a smidgeon of nudity, but all in all this thing plays out more like a made-for-Lifetime-TV- movie. In and amidst this slow, dopey drama P.J. Soles shows off her cleavage and shoots everyone in sight. Russ Tamblyn is as quirky as ever, and “Merchants Of Death” is proof positive that Tamblyn will do anything for money. Ms. Soles was associate producer on this film, and that’s proof she’ll spend money on anything.

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