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By Rory L. Aronsky | June 30, 2006

To be a Star Wars fanatic is to have the universe infinitely open to all that may not exist, but exists to us not only in the movies, but also in debates with other fans, in consideration of what other worlds could possibly exist, but were never shown in the Star Wars movies, to even use a gift-wrap tube or anything else long enough as a lightsaber. This is all well remembered in “Memoirs of a Padawan” where a $100 bike received from “Santa” is rightfully ignored in favor of Star Wars action figures. In knowing about the films while growing up, it’s not enough to simply watch them, but to be that Padawan learning how to use a lightsaber; to be Luke Skywalker in understanding the great and harrowing adventures he will soon face. The old Super 8 footage featured in “Memoirs” is not old enough to conceal the joy in a bleach bottle and twine hanging on a tree while trying to bash it down with a makeshift lightsaber. “Memoirs” doesn’t forget that and neither have we. And in parodying the MasterCard commercials where prices appeared on the screen, it’s also a reminder that it’s never too expensive to be a Jedi, no matter what you have.

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