By Film Threat Staff | December 30, 2000

All Milton Smythe wants to do is spend his upcoming anniversary with his dear wife. Is that so wrong? Sure, she may be dead, but she’s still a huge part of his life…even if she’s starting to smell pretty foul.
The landlady, Milton’s sister-in-law, and the police are set on ruining the special evening, which begs the question: will Milton make it to the beach for an all-important final celebration that will ensure that he and his wife can stay together forever?
So goes “The Widower,” a new comedy that features a cameo by Jello Biafra, the lead singer of seminal punk band The Dead Kennedys, and many wacky hi-jinks. For more of the sweet story, as well as trailers and plenty of links, make a date with [ “The Widower”. ]

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