By Admin | June 16, 2012

This review was originally published on January 22, 2012…

Over a decade, as part of an unfinished film, Mike Sullivan has been creating and storing numerous robot figures with various sexual proclivities and appendages. While it is funny to think of someone crafting low-hanging testicles onto a small robot figurine, it gets that much more bizarre when the plot of the film gets expressed in more and more random detail. Around the time the robot horse with fuckable anus was introduced, I was already in shock, but in a highly entertained way.

Matt Lenski’s short portrait of self-proclaimed hoarder, filmmaker and custom robot-maker Mike Sullivan is as disturbing as it is memorable. Mike has a vivid imagination, one that he seems to have stuck on the “robot porn” setting, and while I don’t know if that’s a good thing, it sure is hilarious to watch.

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