By Merle Bertrand | February 7, 2000

Matt loves his longtime best friend and soulmate Jill. Jill, however, in spite of her lovesick friend’s insistent and desperate measures, insists that she’s marrying David…even though she loves Matt. It’s a frustrating outcome that doesn’t make a damned bit of sense, but then again, neither does love which is why this charming film by Adam Kleid works so well. “Matt In Love” is by all accounts, a pretty basic romantic comedy with nice pacing and solid performances by its young cast. The film’s biggest flash of inspiration takes the form of a recurring series of simple but comical bits: When Matt’s alone, nothing works. But when Jill’s in the room, balky ceiling fans suddenly rotate and burnt out light bulbs blink back to life, among other similar examples. These perfect demonstrations of the old “Show it, don’t tell it” rule indicate that Matt and Jill are perfect for each other…which makes this bittersweet film’s stubborn conclusion as effective as it is poignant.

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