By Admin | January 4, 2006

Jean-Luc Godard once said all you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun. Seeming to take this premise to the next level clever indie horror director John Torrani shows us all you need to make a successful movie is a girl, a gun, a house full of sorority girls and a boatload of gore. With tongue firmly in cheek Torrani has crafted both an effective 11 minute splatstick epic as well as love letter to the zombie/college comedy genres.

While trying to pledge a sorority house so she can find a place to fit in the innocent Gwen (Charlene Miller) finds herself tormented and repeatedly humiliated by lead bitch Lizzie (Ginger Kearns). However while lacking in self confidence Gwen will have to find some inner strength in a hurry as a zombie virus rips through the building transforming the randy college girls into creatures of unspeakable evil. Factor in a disgruntled pizza delivery boy in search of a tip or better yet a blow job (Joe Coburn playing himself!) and grizzled zombie hunter Phil Katzman (Lars Stevens) and you have yourself a short that would make Fulci, Landis and Sam Raimi proud. The key here is Torrani knows how to deliver the goods. Hot college girls? Check. Zombie mayhem? Check? Wisecracking hero? Check. Absolute mayhem? Check, check, check..

John Torrani and co-screenwriter Steve Tsapelas (The talented and demented mind behind “Teenage Superhero Pregnancy Scare”) know what makes both the horror and campus comedy work and are able to stuff a whole lot of laughs into 11 minutes of inspired chaos.

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