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By Don R. Lewis | June 4, 2007

This Wednesday, myself and Mark Bell are heading out to Las Vegas for CINEVEGAS!! I’ve been dying to hit this fest for a few years but when you get to be old like me (and have a job, a wife, school, etc) it gets harder and harder to hit every film festival that looks intriguing. Since last year was my tenth year in a row of Sundance, I skipped that one this year all in order to hit this one”¦and damn, I’m glad I did!

I’ve only been to Vegas a few times but truth be told, it’ll be nice being too busy with awesome films to waste money gambling. Sure, I’ll sneak down to the old blackjack table at some point and I’m quite fond of playing the nickel slot machine closest to the bar in order to take advantage of the free drinks, but other than that it’s movies, food, movies, drinks and movies.

I need to buckle down and figure out what I really want to see but so far I know Mark and I are hitting the “”Oceans 13″ red carpet and premiere Wednesday night. Then Saturday, we’re going to be like a couple of excitable school kids for the premiere of “”My Name is Bruce,” Bruce Campbell’s ode to”¦Bruce Campbell. I’ll also fill you in on what I plan on seeing as soon as Mark and I sit down at the KINO table and figure it out while drinking from abnormally tall drinks with fruit in them.

Viva Las Vegas”¦Viva La Film Threat!

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