From [ October 11th to the 15th, 2000 ] , the Marco Island Film Festival gave all attendees an “isle” seat for their most successful event ever. Nearly 20 awards were handed out to shorts and features, and the audience named their favorites as well:
[ Best Feature-Comedy: ] “Do You Wanna Dance” ^ Director: Michael Achilles Nickles ^ Producers: Michael Bremer, Dean Leonida, Chris Karountzos, Scott Stephens, and Robert Krantz ^ Screenplay: Robert Krantz
[ Best Feature-Drama: ] “The Amati Girls” ^ Director: Anne DeSalvo ^ Producers: James Alex, Steven Johnson ^ Screenplay: Anne DeSalvo
[ Best Documentary: ] “Pop and Me” ^ Director: Chris Roe ^ Producers: Richard Roe, Chris Roe ^ Screenplay: Erik Amsen
[ Best Short-Comedy: ] “Dammed If You Do” ^ Directed by: Jimmy Zeilinger
[ Best Short-Drama: ] “A Wakening” ^ Directed by: Nancy McKeon
Actress Celeste Holm received a Lifetime Achievement award from Marco Island, and actor Ben Gazzara took home the festival’s Golden Eagle honors. For more on the event winners, see the [ the official Marco Island Festival website. ]

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  1. Steve Ortiz says:

    I need a little b information, I have a screen play Titled “The Grandfather” which has everything, illegal crossing, happiness, sadness, song, murder plus mystery. Where do I go with it?

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