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By Seán McCarthy | May 2, 2005

This year, 2005, celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the making of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”, a milestone in filmmaking and the title of which, to this day, continues to moisten the wet tongues of involved conversation amongst the hi-tech film studio moguls of modern day Hollywood, as if scandalous chat of a bastard son that just won’t go away. And why should he?

Made in 1970, under what looked like a barrage of fluorescent lights, Kubrick’s big-screen adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel, “A Clockwork Orange”, single-handedly turned the tide at the time on filmmakers, scriptwriters, and filmgoers alike, sweeping everything in its path captured on celluloid prior to the film’s controversial release world wide one year later in 1971. Few heard Kubrick’s silence. Many witnessed McDowell’s arrival. Everyone saw the filmgoers coming. Though Malcolm McDowell’s ground-breaking performance of Alex De Large in “A Clockwork Orange” follows the actor whereever he goes, we are still, through his continued works in film, in a ‘very lucky’ position to enjoy this ‘Taylor’s Cloth’…

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