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By Chris Gore | December 22, 2004

With his short, often greasy, black hair, fate played an ironic trick on Michael Madsen by making him a household name due to his role as a Blonde – that’s Mr. Blonde to you. Forever known as the more brutal of the Vega brothers, thanks to pal Quentin Tarantino, Madsen can’t make an appearance in a film without the visions of severed ears and squealing cops doused in gasoline dancing in audience members’ heads. Hey, worse things have happened to plenty of other actors. There’s nothing wrong with going down in cinema history as one mean sonofabitch.

It’s been fourteen years since Madsen scared the s**t out of everyone in “Reservoir Dogs,” and since then he’s played many a nasty customer, but now, with Kill Bill, he’s back in the hands of kung-fu fanboy filmmaker Tarantino as the deadly assassin Sidewinder. We caught a peek of him during “Bill Vol. 1.”, but “Bill Vol. 2” promises more of the Madsen that we’ve come to know and love since he taught a certain police officer the finer things in 70s radio.

Michael took a few moments with us to discuss his bloody career. Do you have the stomach for it?

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