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By Christopher Curry | April 8, 2005

In a small Midwestern town a young Luther Watts witnesses the most desperate of the circus side-show freaks; the geek. Luther is forever changed by the lunatic’s performance, which merely consists of biting the head off a chicken and drinking its blood. Luther’s preoccupation with what he has seen is filtered through his warped sensibilities and soon a brand new breed of geek is born. Possessing a skewed psychosis, stainless steel chompers, a bizarre affinity for chicken eggs and cheap sunglasses, Luther struts, clucks, postures and preens his way through rural Illinois, unmercifully brutalizing everyone and everything within his sight.

“Luther The Geek” is truly an unnerving and harrowing cinematic experience. Well actually not as that’s a bit of an over statement, but fans of cult classics like; “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” and “Basket Case” are sure to get a kick outta this thing.

Troma jammed this one full of extras including: An interview with the film’s director, an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman and gobs of trailers.

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