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By Eric Campos | August 19, 2002

The “Quest for Truth” is right. There’s no messing around in William Gazecki’s documentary on the crop circle phenomenon. There’s no Robert Stack spinning tales about anal probings, there’re no faux pictures of little green men running through fields with lawnmowers and there’s no GODDAMN Joaquin Phoenix “swinging away” with a baseball bat. “Crop Circles: Quest for Truth” is pure science, with a dash of the metaphysical for seasoning.
I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this film is opening on the heels of Signs, but this definitely isn’t something for people who’ve grown a casual interest in crop circles because of a movie Mel Gibson was in. This is for the hardcore. This is for people that lose sleep at night wondering if there’s gonna be a lawn circle in their backyard, but get bummed when they discover that once again…there’s only dog s**t. This film is like taking a college course on the subject of crop circles. Those with the need to know the truth will be thrilled with the vast research provided in these two hours, while others will find themselves staring off into space.
I think I fall right in the middle. I was definitely impressed with the intense research and theories that the featured scientists had to present for the first hour, but then all the talk about geometry and physics and what not started to lose my interest a bit. After the 90 minute mark, I had definitely felt that the film was overstaying its welcome. And once the two hour bell rang, I decided that I had my fill of crop circles. Still, I appreciate what this film is trying to do and I think manages to pull off and that’s to derail the idea that crop circles are a hoax. The facts and ideas presented within definitely make a strong case for something whacky going on out there that’s far beyond our control.
So now that I’ve seen the film, do I have a theory on what exactly causes crop circles? You bet I do. It’s the Sasquatch. He done it. The reason we can’t ever catch the Squatch is because he’s out there working the crop circles. He’s a busy guy.

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