By Admin | May 16, 2005

Homosexuality. Incest. Suicide. Sadistic sex. “Luster” will never be mistaken for a Disney film. Miramax maybe, but not Disney.
This is the story of Jackson (Justin Herwick), an irresponsible punk poet who falls in love with twenty people a day and doesn’t realize (or care) about the effect he has on other people, most notably his best friend and boss, Sam (Shane Powers). Instead of opening his eyes to reality, Jackson goes through life with total tunnel vision, with no concept of time or loyalty. His reptilian brain works on one speed … until something happens that changes his life, and by then it is a little too late.
“Luster” can be a painful film to watch. Witnessing someone be continually disappointed and hurt by a man too ignorant to understand what he is doing can take its toll. There’s a lesson in it, though, and it is one Jackson learns by the end of the film, which does redeem his character somewhat. It also makes this a very realistic and emotional tale of love, though many potential viewers will probably be turned off by the manner in which it is portrayed. Don’t let the male nudity and homosexuality fool you, though. This is a story that is as true for homosexuals as it is for their straight counterparts, and it is well worth a viewing or two to absorb it.

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