By Felix Vasquez Jr. | December 27, 2005

As someone who was born and raised in to poverty, it was very easy to connect with our main character, who basically has her life in disarray in spite of the illusion she presents to herself that it’s only a matter of time before she can leave. Imagine being a person whose livelihood and personal welfare relies on the mere threads of a job, you have and will possibly lose thanks to inter-office politics and wages, and if you’re a starving writer like I, you can understand how important a job can be to help your career goals. Our main character is a college student, a mother, and a stock woman who holds her job dear to her, but when she discovers out of town managers have been corrupting the place she works in and laying the people around her off, she’s frightened that she may go without a job sooner or later.

This character is not only a disgruntled worker, she’s an educated student who knows how the system works, she knows the inner-workings, but has no power to alter it, so all she can do is complain to her friends whom decide to tape her. What starts as a sudden project to depict this nice girl in her life, turns in to a more meaningful portrait of an average worker who has no choice but to toil away. The character who remains nameless becomes more of an allegory for the blue collared worker stuck in an endless loop of monotony and is craving to break free from this endless cycle but really has no idea how, nor do they have the power to. Though, Carrin’s performance does tend to come on really forced which detracts from the realism, she is a compelling enough character to draw you in to the film. She’s the unheard masses toiling away at work that may never get away from their working confines because they’re powerless to do so, so they can only rely on time, and luck. The character here finds herself in a trap in the climax, and all she can rely on now is time and luck.

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