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By Doug Brunell | June 9, 2004

If you believe in magick (I imagine it being the kind spelled with a “k”) and enjoy plot lines that involve keeping an ancient bloodline going, then this is the film for you. I’m not really into such things, but I
still found “Lucinda’s Spell” to be fairly enjoyable, though I could have done without some of Christina Fulton’s (Lucinda) acting. Sometimes it was just too damn silly.
Jon Jacobs plays Jason, the man who must impregnate a witch on the eve of some special date to keep that previously mentioned ancient bloodline intact. As he wanders around New Orleans partying it up, a coven engages in a contest to see who gets to receive his seed (just like my high school days). As to be expected, things don’t go that smoothly, and Jason discovers he already has a male child from the last time he visited Exposed Breast Central. It seems he slept with Lucinda, who is a prostitute, and got her knocked up. She put the kid up for adoption, and the rest of the film involves the hunt for the child.
While I don’t think this is a great film, I couldn’t help but think Jacobs is the man who should be behind the “Hellblazer” movie. (That’s “Constantine,” to all you people who don’t read comic books.) He could probably
write an incredible script for that, and he could definitely pull off the lead role, too. He proves it here with a movie that is interesting despite being kind of hokey, and his acting left me impressed.

“Lucinda’s Spell” is an entertaining way to spend an evening. Just don’t expect much more from it, and you won’t be disappointed.

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