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On April 8th, 2018, the first episode of the original comedic web series My Death Co. was released. The series follows a recently deceased man, Sam (Jon Huck), as he’s forced to work as a grim reaper in the afterlife. Sam’s task is to connect with and bring closure to those on the brink of death and, in doing so, perhaps find meaning in his own life, or death, as it were. Created by Shawn McDaniel and Ben Hammond to shine a more positive light on loss and letting go, My Death Co.’s brings gallows humor and  a little hope in dark times.

The creators have funded the first few episodes of the show themselves. Future episodes will be crowdfunded via a pay-what-you-want model on Patreon. McDaniel and Hammond shot the first three episodes of My Death Co. for around $1,000 and are looking to raise $3,000 more for the remainder of the season. Proving that they can shoot high quality content on a minimal budget is part of their proof of concept as they look to develop My Death Co. as a series for streaming (ideally for Amazon or Netflix).

Directed by McDaniel and scripted by Hammond, subsequent episodes in the six-episode season will be independently released over the coming months. Learn more here at



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