By admin | January 26, 2004

Wow, man. I mean, seriously, wow. This one is a very strange bird, but very entertaining. Shot in the style of one of those documentaries that are meant to scare kids out of doing things that are bad for them like marijuana and others, there’s two stories to be found here. First is the history of LSD, where it came from, and what it led to. Then we have a woman who had quite a bit of LSD in her system, talking about being at a hot dog stand, where she had the hot dog nearly up to her mouth when it screamed. It eventually led to the hot dog’s murder.

And if you think that’s funny, “LSD A Go Go” also takes us into the annals of the CIA amidst hurried memos about LSD testing and the best quote from any memo, where it’s recommended that LSD not be tested in the Christmas punch bowls that are present at the Christmas parties. It’s quite trippy and uproariously funny many times over. There’s a lot of footage that the filmmakers have managed to manipulate to create a hilarious piece of work that goes on just a tad too long, but this is a weird trip that goes so many places. However, if you actually believe this s**t, then you need to be examined in ways that I don’t think are legally kosher. Then again, maybe, just maybe, you’re one of THEM!!!

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