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By Chris Gore | January 15, 2002

There’s nothing two siblings enjoy more than expressing brotherly love by beating the crap out of each other. Two brothers engage in a battle over the sound level of music, one trying to complete homework and another playing a video game. Between accusations of “d******d” and “s**t for brains,” the two kids hit, punch, smack each other and administer the classic — nuggies.
A home robbery interrupts the war between the brothers, who are tied up good. The result is hilarious.
It’s a cute comedic short, but more like a set up or a teaser for a mainstream feature. The biggest surprise of the film came in the end credits when a title card appeared which read: Directed by Ralph Macchio. You remember him. You know, the “Karate Kid.” Obviously he’s pursuing the career path of a director and this sample reel should get him notice.

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