VIDIOTS screens PXL THIS 14, the 14th annual toy video festival, on Friday, Feb 18, 2005 at 8:00pm at 302 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, 310-392-8508, free admission.
PXL THIS 14 highlights include: Last year’s favorite Juniper Woodbury, now nine-years-old, returns with the delightful MY MAGIC EIGHTBALL. Super songwriter Alfred Johnson sings about the triumphs of being BORN IN LOVE. Jamie Cohen’s STUFFED WITH LEAVES uncovers our politicians’ doings. Ellen Lake’s STRINGWORK documents Graciela Carrillo’s beautiful embroidery. King Kukulele takes Pixelvision interactivity to dynamic dimensions in FISH, FRUITS & NUTS. Giovanni Natale remembers his boyhood heroes in GIOSPOT. A six-year-old with her bat opens a very special PXL PINATA by Michael Possert. Eli Elliott’s side-splitting funny MJ DONG celebrates fellow motorists’ vanity and sense of character. Kelly Jones gives us a tour of her garbage plant Terminal Island workplace in SERRF, and portrays a hip talk show host in FLY GIRL. Poet/politician Robert Dobbs explores what human sensorium is extended by the PXL 2000 camera in OUTER RINGS. Carlo Biela’s political documentary RAW looks at peace, Bush & the media during the largest international day of protests in history, Feb 15, 2003. Lisa Marr’s RUG RAT unveils the greed ridden acquisitions details of American Indian textiles. Paolo Davanzo’s WONDER honors his relationship with a faithful traveling companion. Joe Frese’s poignant FISH dives into underwater thoughts. Doug Ing’s TV reveals its services and disservices. Tim Finchum evocatively takes advantage of Pixelvision unique close-up capability in BOBBY’S FRIEND. Elric Kane’s WALTER MURCH BLINKS & SAVES US discusses the philosophies of film editing. Kane’s GIRL YAWNING recalls Bresson’s “ejaculatory force of the eye” viewing live web cam sites. Paul Bacca yelps provocative INFORMATION RETRIEVAL. Ross Craig contributes the hilarious self-reflexive minimalist masterpiece BABBLEFESTO. Steve Craig’s BABBLEFESTO #2 combines automated customer service messages and structuralist cinema. Eli Elliott’s ZERO deeply probes a farcical appointment with his self-exploring comic self.

Established in 1991, Clap Off They Glass Productions supports independent video-making by sponsoring the annual PXL THIS Festival, which is the oldest of its kind in the world. Even with no corporate sponsors, no color brochures, no big shot movie director board members, no ticketmaster access, PXL THIS has been featured on PBS, IFC and NPR. PXL THIS spans many genres: documentary, poetry, drama, art, music, political activism, cinema povera, comedy and the avant-garde. The unique Fisher-Price toy camcorder PXL 2000, which records sound and image directly onto audio cassettes, continues to empower artists. This failed toy was only made in the US from 1987 to 1989. The magical PXL 2000 restores a certain humanity to the overpowering technology of video.

For more info, visit Indiespace.com.

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