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By Phil Hall | October 18, 2006

“Love Proof” takes place in an Orwellian-worthy future where Big Brother is not only watching you, but he also expects you to bang out babies on schedule. A young soldier returns from battle with his foreign bride, but she can only stay in his country unless she conceives a child within four months. The couple spend their time together in constant fornication, but the results are not fruitful. When a medical exam shows he is sterile, she decides to have sex with as many men as possible in order to achieve state-approved uterine occupancy.

Maia Horniak’s short fantasy offers a humorous throwback to the old-fashioned dystopia sci-fi (which actually seems fairly quaint today). Her future is Soviet-style grim, down to the grey-on-grey art direction that permeates the world of tomorrow.

As the copulating couple, Megan Dorman and Alex Dimitriades looks great naked and horizontal. Pity the film has a soundtrack, though – she sounds like Latka Gravas and he can’t act. But thanks to the handy-dandy mute button on your remote control, you can enjoy their physical attributes without the aural distraction of bad acting.

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