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By Amy Scott | December 18, 2001

“Love Leprosy” is the story of… uh… what the hell am I doing? Trying to explain this film? I can’t. Wait, no. I have to. I’m going to try.
“Love Leprosy” is a story about some guy possessed by this puppet master type who meets this hot chick. They get all h***y, then they get all crazy violent. A lot of flash, a lot of sexy chicks (who had some really nice outfits, great costuming!)and someone’s dad in this trench coat/hat doing the Bela Lagosi “PULL THE STRINGS!” routine. Something a little like what I imagine Henry Rollins’ dirty sex dreams are like.
There were a few good ideas, the film looked really nice. The make out scenes were pretty hot, and the soundtrack was quite fitting. But I guess I wasn’t cool enough to follow the hip leprosy scene going down. Honestly, I kept thinking that they were going to be cyborgs or maybe vampires. I was hoping they were both. I watched it twice before I finally said “I’m not stupid, this movie just sucks”
Maybe I’m alone, maybe this is the greatest film ever made… Maybe I’m an idiot because I didn’t, how do they say? Grasp the concept. And maybe Henry Rollins is the greatest mind of the 21st Century.

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