By Rachel Morgan | January 19, 2005

Generally speaking, period pieces tend to drone on for hours, but not “Love for Love”, it’s over in less than 6 minutes. As a matter of fact, the credits actually take up a good portion of the piece. The short, which takes place in 18th century England, is adapted from a play by William Congreve and is a concise one-scene comedy about the formalities of romance.

While the film isn’t for everyone (if you like “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” you’ll love “Love for Love”), it is skillfully executed. The lighting, direction, set design and acting are better than average. In addition, the concept is simple, but unique for a short film. “Love for Love” has had numerous screenings including appearances at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Film and the Wine Country Film Festival. Director Bruce Coughran is also credited with the short films “Passing Through” (2003) and the award-winning “My Friend’s Love Affair” (2001). It is rumored that Coughran is currently working on a film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”.

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