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Bring Her To Me

By Bobby LePire | October 27, 2023

Bring Her To Me is the modern iteration of the sexy supernatural thriller. You know, the kind that producer Charles Band has gone back to time and again a la Netherworld or Castle Eros. Hesitation and trepidation appear before the film even begins as it is written and directed by Brooks Davis and co-written by Kent Roudebush. They are the same duo who breathed life into one of the worst things Full Moon Features has ever created, The Gingerweed Man. So, does this sensual tale of nightmares and demons make up for the filmmakers’ past failures, or is it dead on arrival?

Mara (Bec Doyle) is having trouble sleeping as of late. The nightmares plaguing her see her travel to a spooky world wherein a demon confronts her. Mara tells her woes to Raz (Kalond Irlanda), a kindly barista who just so happens to know a dream interpreter. Said person, Abigail (Roslyn Gentle), agrees to help Mara, and she sets some ground rules. No matter how tough it gets, Mara needs to see the dream to its end.

That is easier said than done, though, as reality and the nightmare are soon crashing together. While awake, Mara sees Raz and Abigail as normal one minute, then as bandaged-up freaks the next. The demon (Emerson Niemchick) is after her body, but why her, and what does he plan on doing with it?

“…Mara sees Raz and Abigail as normal one minute, then as bandaged-up freaks the next.”

Bring Her To Me comes in just under an hour long, which is a good thing. Instead of trying to pad out the story with unnecessary digressions, the screenwriters end it once it gets to its logical conclusion. That finale makes the film, by the way. It is a terrific and twist-filled conclusion that pays off big time.

Happily, the unfolding events preceding the last few minutes are also good. Mara is a likable protagonist who viewers will immediately latch onto. Raz and Abigail’s willingness to help seems genuine… at first. The demon is suave and enticing for an unholy creature of the underworld, that is.

While the computer effects throughout Bring Her To Me are subpar, the practical effects and Alexys Paonessa’s special make-up are excellent. Jonathan Walter’s evocative score is also aces, bringing a lot of the mood and atmosphere that is present. The cast also all do a good job, with Doyle and Niemchick clearly having a lot of fun.

Bring Her To Me is a little sexy, a bit thrilling, and somewhat creepy. The music and cast credibly bring to life a crazy tale of demons and lust in a way that never feels exploitative. So, to answer a question from the beginning, yes, Davis and Roudebush have made up for their earlier crime upon cinephiles.

Bring Her To Me (2023)

Directed: Brooks Davis

Written: Brooks Davis, Kent Roudebush

Starring: Bec Doyle, Kalond Irlanda, Roslyn Gentle, Emerson Niemchick, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Bring Her To Me Image

"…the practical effects and Alexys Paonessa's special make-up are excellent."

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