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By Stephanie Donnelly | September 12, 2000

They triumphed in Philadelphia at the Republican National Convention, and Festival Director Scott Beibin even took bullets (well, rubber ones) for the cause at the big Democratic showdown in Los Angeles. Now, the always roaming Lost Film Festival heads to New York on [ September 18th ] , and they’ll stay there until [ September 20th ] , riots and general mutiny pending.
If you head to the Anthology Film Archives (at 32 E. and 2nd Avenue) on these days, you will run smack-dab into screenings of Esther Bells’ award-grabbing “Godass” and directorial team Tim Lewis and Tim Ream’s documentary “Breaking the Spell” — a N.Y. premiere that covers Seattle during that whole WTO skiffle. Not to be missed. More information, and upcoming event news, can be found (not lost) at [ Lost Film Festival central. ]

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