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By Sally Foster and Peeve with photos by Chris Gore | November 1, 2007

Disney/Pixar held their “Ratatouille” DVD release party on Tuesday night, October 30 at Social Hollywood in Los Angeles. As we loaded my pet rat Peeve into her carrier and drove over to the party, I couldn’t help but be impressed that a mere two weeks after moving to her new home of Los Angeles, Peeve was already on her way toward celebratty status. Here, Peeve begins what is sure to be a long and exciting career in rodent-related media.

I hold Peeve up for a quick photo with her invitation to the “Ratatouille” DVD release party.

Peeve and I gear up for our walk down the rat carpet… oh sorry, red carpet. My bad.

Just a few short feet down the red carpet (a few very short feet, that is — Peeve’s are only about an inch long), Peeve and I are literally bombarded by photographers rallying to snap pics of her fuzzy mug.

I think they may have thought we were with the movie, but it was still pretty bizarre… and Peeve did get more than a little confused amid the flash bulbs and shouts of, “Can you bring the rat closer?” and “Can you hold the rat up to your face?”

Peeve shows off her toes for photographers from various media outlets.

Just as we are about to head into the party, Peeve is pulled aside for three on-camera interviews — two in English, and one in Spanish! Yes, people actually interviewed my rat for TV. She didn’t seem to have much to say, but I’m not sure what they expected…

Sally and Peeve enter the party in Part 2 of Lol-Ratatouille>>>

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