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By Mark Bell | March 24, 2014

Larry Ziegelman’s Little Man of Steel tackles one of the greater mysteries of comic book history, Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s sex life. As discussed in Mallrats, presumably being on the receiving end of a Superman orgasm would leave a person severely damaged from the inside-out. Yes, I’m aware of how vulgar and disturbing that sounds.

Which is why it was so refreshing to see that this subject matter can actually be addressed in a somewhat tasteful way. In this short, Lois has tricked Clark into going condom shopping with her. They’ve been together a while, she knows he’s Superman, and she wants some intimacy, which Clark consistently avoids to her consternation. Will they find a solution to their dilemma, one that can keep all involved safe and happy? Watch and find out.

As I mentioned, it would be easy to go over-the-top vulgar with this, but the short remains playful and fun (even when it delves into more prurient elements). Kyle Bares manages to find the right balance between goofy Clark and concerned, though sexually frustrated, Supes, while Kimberly Leemans turns up the sexpot volume for Lois Lane. They have a chemistry between them that works, and even when the insults fly from an exasperated Lois, it never comes across as mean-spirited.

All that said, the short could be shorter. Once the premise is established, while it is witty to a certain extent, it seems to linger too much in the middle while Lois and Clark go back and forth. We get the argument, we don’t need to keep hearing it anymore than the characters want to keep having it. The third act could come a little sooner (no pun intended).

Overall, though, it’s a fun film about the more adult aspects of one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Beyond the film’s restraint regarding its lewdness, the film was refreshing for giving us a superhero story that isn’t wrapped up in the idea of being dark and gritty. I still have my doubts about how successful and safe a sex act between Lois and Clark could be, but Little Man of Steel certainly presents its take on the matter in entertaining fashion.

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