By Phil Hall | January 26, 2007

2007 SUNDANCE ONLINE SHORT REVIEW! In “Little Farm,” a seriously dysfunctional family (a grizzly dad, sluttish daughter and slacker son) drive their van into “Green Acres” territory to live on an uncle’s farm. After a pause with an uncooperative vehicle and a round of name calling and threats, they make it to their destination. The farm is home to goats and chickens. The family have a civil dinner together, then the father passes out after drinking too much booze. The bickering siblings call it a truce – and then get incestuous. A fat female demon appears (through the courtesy of bad FX) to kill everyone. Dad is disemboweled, the son has a cinder block dropped on his head and the girlie runs away in her panties. The end.

This completely silly waste of eight minutes’ worth of 16mm film comes to us from Calvin Lee Reeder (whose earlier feature “Jerkbeast” was a Film Threat DVD release). We know he can create good films – so the less said about this misfired experimental short, the better. (Everyone makes mistakes, after all.)

Oh, there is one redeeming feature: a blonde bombshell named Lindsay Pulsipher. She plays the guitar-strumming/egg-scrambling daughter and she is the sexiest blonde to hit the screen in ages. Let’s see more of her (especially when she’s running around in her panties, woo woo!).

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