One thing most people don’t know about me is that I used to volunteer my time at a women’s clinic. I was the guy who made sure that nobody tried to stop women from getting the services they needed. Not all the women were getting abortions, some were just getting check-ups, but the anti-abortionists who picketed the place didn’t let that stop them from their crusade.
That’s right, I was the Antichrist.
“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is a film that comes across like a Sesame Street educational short that teaches viewers about American ideals, politics and a woman’s right to choose. It also compares the plight of the female to that of the frog, which is known as an indicator species that lets scientists know when the environment is changing. In its own easy-to-understand way, this film points out the exact reasons why I volunteered my free time at the clinic despite the possibility of being shot.
As interesting as this film is, though, it won’t work to change any minds, and it’s not really meant to. Instead, it focuses its attention on inspiring people to take a stand against the suppression of women worldwide. (I’m curious to hear what anti-abortionists make of this film, especially the scene where it describes communist China’s policy on children and makes the unmentioned connection with what fundamentalists are trying to do in America.)
You won’t see this during the morning time slot on PBS (or any of the other networks, for that matter), but it should be aired. It has an important message that needs to be heard whether or not you agree with it. And if this film can cause a few people to get out there and keep choice safe for future generations, then all the better.

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