Reviewing and talking about films in a public forum can be risky business at times…especially if the film you’re discussing was made by someone who used to be a world karate and kickboxing champion. One might just find him or herself on the receiving end of a serious a*s kicking if the wrong thing is said. Lucky for me that Johnny Flynton is a tremendous film. My a*s is safe for the time being.

Ditching the ring for a career in cinema, director Lexi Alexander worked as a stuntwoman in order to help put herself through film school as well as further her knowledge in film production. Later, she made two short films (“Pitcher Perfect” and “Foolproof”), extreme sports commercials and co-produced a feature titled “Wheelmen.” Now, with her short film Johnny Flynton, Lexi has taken on a story involving something very near and dear to her.

Johnny Flynton tells the moving tale of a tragically shy boxer and the judgment that is heaped upon him for his brutish appearance. Lexi Alexander took some time with us to talk about her newest creation currently doing the film festival circuit.

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