By Film Threat Staff | June 15, 2000

Dances With Films — the 3rd annual film festival for the truly independent — will offer indie filmmakers the platform to strut their stuff in a week long festival from June 23-29, 2000. Dances With Films will be held at the Laemmle’s Sunset 5 in Los Angeles, California with 12 competition full length narrative films and 16 competition narrative shorts plus a side bar of special screenings.
The film festival is designed to highlight the works of filmmakers, no matter of race, color, religion or sexual orientation. The main criteria is that the films be completely unknown. This is defined by: no known directors, actors, producers or monies from well established production companies, with a completion date of no earlier than January 1998.
“We created this festival to acknowledge the struggles of countless talented filmmakers throughout the world and shout their extraordinary uniqueness from the rooftops of Hollywood, the filmmaking capital. It’s been amazing -our submissions have tripled each year. Domestic distribution, major video store sales, agents and deals are the normal success stories that continue to pile up for DWF filmmakers,” stresses Michael Trent, creator and organizer of DancesWithFilms.
The list of competition features is as follows: ^ ATTACK OF THE BAT MONSTERS (directed by Kelly Greene) ^ CAGE IN BOX ELDER (directed by Kevin De Lullo) ^ CALLING BOBCAT (directed by Paul Kermizian) ^ THE CAT KILLERS (directed by Colin Drobnis) ^ FINAL RINSE (directed by Robert Tucker) ^ JACKS OR BETTER (directed by Robert Sidney Mellette) ^ LITTLE RED (directed by Clay Valenti ^ PEDESTRIAN (directed by Jason Kartalian) ^ THE PIG FARM (directed by Michael Lee Barlin) ^ STUFF (directed by James Dunnison) ^ TRUE RIGHTS (directed by Meg Thayer) ^ YUP YUP MAN (directed by Glenn Klinker) ^
The list of competition shorts is as follows: ^ ANNIE PAUL (directed by Michael Levine) ^ DELUSIONS IN MODERN PRIMITIVISM (directed by Daniel Loflin ^ DOMINANT SEVENTH (directed by Martin Nowak) ^ GRAVEYARD JAMBOREE WITH MYSTERIOUS MOSE (directed by Seamus Walsh and Mark Caballero) ^ GUIDO TAKES A HIKE (directed by Joseph Tobin) ^ ONE NIGHT (directed by Patrick McIntire ^ NAROPA (directed by Cameron Baity) ^ THE PITCH (directed by Reid Brody) ^ THE REMEMBERER (directed by Coreen Mayrs) ^ ROCKIN’ GOOD TIMES (directed by Daniela Lunkewitz) ^ ROOM (directed by Sebastian Hedgecoe) ^ SNOOZE (directed by Ron Vignone) ^ SPEED FOR THESPIANS (directed by Kalman Apple) ^ STEALING YOU BLIND (directed by Al Ceraulo) ^ TOM LUVS MAEVE 4-EVER (directed by Wendy Jo Cohen) ^ WINOS AND PIGEONS (directed by A.W. “Wally” Lane and James Canfield) ^
For more information on Dances With Films, including tickets, please call (323) 656-1974 or visit the film festival website at [ www.danceswithfilms.com ]

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