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By Mark Bell | April 3, 2011

For the third year in a row, I’m going to be leading my street hockey team, the Monroeville Zombies, back to Brantford, Ontario for the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament. The tournament is a charity event, usually benefiting the town of Brantford but as also expanded to other causes from time to time. Last year’s event set a Guinness World Record for Largest Street Hockey Tournament, and my Monroeville Zombies were the first ones to register. We also only won 1 of 3 games, and that game was against my wife’s all-woman team (and it was the first-time many on that team had every played hockey).

That said, I promised my team that once we won a game, we could get new jerseys (our first year was 0-3, so we’re officially 1-6 in tourney play). Not because we dislike the look of our current jerseys, but because they’re full, heavy hockey jerseys, and we play street hockey on the blacktop in the height of Summer heat. In other words, we’re one heat wave away from a full-team heat stroke. So, if we’re going to get a lighter material, we might as well re-vamp the design a bit. That’s where you, hopefully, come in.

We’re looking for someone to re-design our jersey. The tourney is in early June, so we need to get our jerseys designed and ordered as quickly as possible, so here’s what I’m offering:

If you design a new Monroeville Zombies jersey for my team, we’ll get you a free, customized jersey with your choice of name and number on the back. I’ll also run the design here, pimp your other design work (if you have some) and give you a month’s worth of free banner advertising on Sound good?

What we’re looking for:

  • Utilize the original Monroeville Zombies logo. This can be seen above, and found here.
  • Design should include section for name and number on back of jersey
  • Design should integrate Film Threat logo in some way
  • Since we play outdoors in the Summer, we’d like a design that isn’t all-black or super-dark colors (the gray of our current jerseys is great, if you want to use that as a base)
  • Other than that, do what you want

Post a link to your design, or upload the image to the Wall, on our Monroeville Zombies Facebook group. Different design examples can be found here. Remember, beyond the free custom jersey and the free advertising, you’re also helping a charity AND my team becomes a walking embodiment of your artistic design. Good luck, and thank you!

Chris Cirillo, the cartoonist behind Digital Celluloid here on Film Threat, came through with the new design and this is what we’re going with:

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