Beginning today, December 17th, is the 3rd Annual Sundance Online Film Festival at the Sundance website. This year’s Online Festival features 31 projects in four categories: Animation, Short Subject, Gallery, and New Forms. The Sundance Online Film Festival is a showcase of innovation and experimentation, featuring the best new work from artists creating original content for the Internet. The Online Film Festival concludes on February 5, 2003.
During the 2003 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (January 16-26, 2003), participating films will be highlighted in the Zenith Theatre at the Sundance Digital Center on the lower level of Main Street Mall. HP is supplying PCs, to be located in various Festival venues, allowing Festival participants to access the Online Festival. Viewers are encouraged to submit ratings for their favorite entries, and their selections will determine the winner of the Sundance Online Film Festival Audience Award, which will be announced January 23, 2003. Awards will also be given to one film from both the Animation and Short Subject categories.
Dazzling in style and content, the films in the Animation section display the immense talent of the creators and how they work with cutting edge technology to create stories and images that resonate and exhilarate. The Short Subject category is an eclectic collection of short films and a diverse sampling of various types of storytelling, both fiction and nonfiction. The non-competitive Gallery section showcases a diverse collection of websites constructed to function primarily as on-line aesthetic galleries, an emerging website art form. As you explore these sites, you will enjoy a variety of beautiful visual environments, action paintings, and mini video loops. Comprising some of the most innovative work by media makers using interactive digital forms, the New Forms category presents a selection of works that range from entire imaginary environments to full immersion documentaries to three-dimensional experimental journeys. The New Forms category points to the future of storytelling.
The Short Subject section includes: ^ “THE BIG ABANDONED REFRIGERATOR ADVENTURE,” directed by Keith Allan and Courtney Branch; “ICARUS OF PITTSBURG,” directed by Evan Mather and Kirk Hostetter; “MET STATE,” directed by Bryan Papciak; “ONE,” directed by Stewart Hendler; “PROCESS/PROGRESS,” directed by Peter Reid and Brandon Savoy; and “S-11 REDUX: CHANNEL SURFING THE APOCALYPSE,” directed by Stephen Marshall.
The Animation section showcases: ^ “BROKEN SAINTS,” directed by Brooke Burgess; “BUMBLE BEEING,” directed by Billy Blob; “DELIGHT,” directed by James Paterson and Amit Pitaru; “DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER,” directed by Randy Knott; “KUNSTBAR,” directed by The Petrie Lounge; “LAID OFF,” directed by Odd Todd; “LOR,” directed by Andy Murdock; “MUTAFUKAZ, OPERATION BLACK HEAD,” directed by Guillaume Renard; “PANIC ATTACK,” directed by Sergey Aniskov; “PERK,” directed by Dusan Kastelic; “THE STORK,” directed by Nina Paley; “STRINDBERG AND HELIUM,” directed by Erin Bradley, Eun-Ha Paek, and James Bewley; “ULTRALOVE NINJA,” directed by MK12; “WENDIDALI,” directed by Diego Alvarez; and “WHITE AMERICA,” directed by Stephen Marshall.
The Gallery section includes: ^ “BRITTLE-BONES.COM,” created by Marc Stricklin; “PHOTOMONTAGE.COM,” created by Shirin Kouladjie; “SHADES OF MAYBE,” created by Jürgen Denifle and Hannes Gruber; and “SUPERBAD,” created by Ben Benjamin.
The New Forms section features: ^ “A IS FOR APPLE,” directed by David Clark; “CIRCLE OF STORIES,” directed by Hank Rogerson and Jilann Spitzmiller; “FACE TO FACE,” directed by Rob Mikuriya; “IS JAQUELINE L. TELLING TRUTH?,” directed by Franck Lollierou; “OPERATION SIREN,” directed by Randy Fenton and Steve Morris; “SEOLEUNA,” directed by Jungwon Lee.
Go watch some films at the Sundance website.

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