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By Chris Parcellin | April 6, 2005

It’s no accident that Leslie Culton ended-up starring in B-movies. At the tender age of twelve she discovered the cult classic British sci-fi TV show “Dr. Who” and immediately became an avid fan of the good doctor as well as comic books and “Star Trek”. Culton says that she was considered an ugly duckling as a teen in Georgia, and endured cruel taunting from her peers–the final humiliation was not getting asked to her senior prom. She also started attending sci-fi and comics conventions, and it was here that she began coming out of her shell. “I realized my place in life was among the Nerds. I was one of them,” she says.

Culton began to show up at the conventions dressed up as characters such as Vampirella and Elektra Assassin and the attention she drew landed her her first gigs as a print model in such publications as Science Fiction Chronicles and The Betty Pages and later modeled for Harris Comics as their Vampirella Model.

This lead the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Nerds” into the world of B-movies and the stunning 5’7″ actress (who alternates her luxuriant mane from blonde to brunette) nailed-down roles in micro-budget flicks like “Hookers in a Haunted House,” “Terror at Tate Manor,” “Vamps 2: BloodLust,” and (ironically enough) the poignantly-titled “Revenge of the Invisible Nerd.” So, with a burgeoning film career, along with a side gig as a “feature dancer,” and upcoming shoots for adult magazines–you might say Leslie has overcome her shyness.

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