By Film Threat Staff | October 9, 2001

Lapdance is an alternative multi-media event in Park City, Utah concurrent with the Sundance Film Festival. Lapdance combines elements of a film festival, a rave, a new media convention, a rock concert and a real good-time-kinky-dance party! Called “the lowest of the low” by none other than Sundance Founder Robert Redford, within the cultural mecca known as Sundance, Lapdance is both the rebel iconoclast and the hottest ticket in town.
Lapdance’s unique blend of underground musical talent, bleeding edge new media, and kick-a*s party action leverages heaps of attention onto its cadre of hot young filmmakers. This year Lapdance was happy to introduce the Naughty Nurses, who paraded up and down Main Street in SOBE’s black, dragon and flame painted school bus. Sexy! Scary! Bands who have performed over the years include DVDA, Galactic, Banyan, Vinyl plus Les Claypool and The Holy Mackeral and even members of his Fearless Flying Frog Brigade!
Why are we telling you all of this NOW? Because for the first time in three years, the many who were unable to get to Lapdance and the many more who never heard of it, can experience the Festival in the comfort of their own home! Brace for the national launch of Lapdance01 the DVD, coming in November to a major record or video store near you!
A two-disc set, Lapdance01 the DVD contains over three hours of short films, lifestyle reports, strange acts, live music, weird interviews, false truths, true truths, snowboarding and a even more raw, sexy and sometimes shocking content.
Highlights include: ^ A live performance, and the first official release, by Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s rock band DVDA form their blistering and historic set at Lapdance 2000. ^ Live performance by Banyan (featuring Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins and punk legend Mike Watt). ^ Live performance from the Bay Area’s Latin-funk-groove-sensation (and Lapdance House band) Vinyl. ^ CRAPtv’s transvestite reporters interview: Trey Parker, Lloyd Kaufman, Ru Paul and Tammy Faye Baker. ^ A dangerous and high speed snowmobile race between Playboy Bunnies, the girls of Troma and CRAPtv’s own Clown and Bear Team. ^ Pornstars Sky and Melissa Hill special nurse appearances from the 2001 festival. ^ Sexy highlight from Lapdance 1999 and Lapdance 2000 featuring The Metro Girls And The Ladies of Lucinda’s Spell. ^ The world’s most disturbing cooking show! ^ 15 winning short films, hand-picked from the Lapdance Film Festival archives, each one deemed too racy or strange for mainstream consumption.
For more info, check out the official Lapdance web site.
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