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By Admin | January 22, 2008

I’m not a really big Star Trek fan. I think some of the more rabid fans are socially retarded freaks who are borderline mentally ill, and that a lot of the later shows are soft sci-fi on the level of Knight Rider masquerading as intellectual discussion. Don’t get me wrong, I like Star Trek, but for every really good show like “Guardian on the Edge of Forever”, “Family” and “Darmok”, you have to dredge through ten episodes of absolute bullshit like “Justice”, “The Loss” and “The Way to Eden”. Okay, so I’m exagerating… The Original Series was thankfully devoid of the worst clunkers and even though The Next Generation had enough of them to be embarrassing, it was also fairly decent as a whole. However, I seriously stopped caring with Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise when it became apparent that every episode was going to be little more than fan fiction about Star Trek “stuff” involving time travel, Borgs, Klingons, Q or whatever other alien race of the week, where the focus was not on drawing parrallels to today’s world, highlighting current problems and how they could have been solved in the future and/or the silliness of them existing today, but simply on fleshing out the frankly uninteresting world of Star Trek so the geeks could have a reason to come online and whine about the writers making goofs to the holy continuity of Trek.

In fact, I actually saw a little bit of that just about the friggin’ teaser. Some fans were complaining that it showed the Enterprise being built on Earth using “primitive” techniques such as arc welding which “didn’t exist” in this fictional f*****g future.

One minute, fourteen seconds of footage and already it’s begun… Jesus.

Anyway, for the people with lives and girlfriends, it’s cool trailer and it’s given me a little stiffy for Trek again. Thanks you Herr Abrams.

Click the link to be taken to Paramount’s website.

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