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By Film Threat Staff | July 27, 2005

“G-Phoria” – The Mother of All Videogame Award Shows has captured the first playable versions of Peter Jackson’s “King Kong,” the official video game based on Universal Pictures’ December 14th film release. Guests at “G-Phoria,” G4 – videogame tv’s signature television event, will have the chance to play through four maps of this exclusive title (on Xbox and Playstation 2 platforms). Playable scenarios include cinematic first-person action through the eyes of Jack Driscoll as he battles dinosaurs on Skull Island as well as third-person control of King Kong himself.
Hosted by avid gamer Wilmer Valderrama, best known as ‘Fez’ on the hit Fox series “That 70’s Show,” “G-Phoria” is G4’s original videogame award show that celebrates the year’s hottest games, stars, music and trends that define the videogame lifestyle. Presented by EB Games, Jeep and Mountain Dew, “G-Phoria” takes place Wednesday, July 27 at the Los Angeles Center Studios and premieres on G4 Tuesday, August 9 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

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