“Killing Michael Bay.” That sounds like a grand old idea to me, not that I would promote violence upon another person (not in public anyways), but ever since I heard that this guy is responsible for the upcoming remake (dry assfucking) of the greatest horror film of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I too have had visions of his slow, horrible death dancing through my mind. With that said, this brilliant film is pure masturbation for myself, and anyone out there who can’t stand the bag of hot air called Michael Bay.
This short deals with a couple of independent filmmakers who kidnap Michael Bay in order to put him down execution style. And this guy they got to play Michael Bay (John Humphrey) is a real prick too, so whether you like his films or not, you’ll want this character to endure the worst death imaginable.
Anyways, Michael Bay escapes and a massive car chase ensues, a car chase that involves overly dramatic action, plenty of blue-screen effects, corny dialogue and bullshit plot twists to an already fabric softener thin story. Absoludicrously funny stuff!
In creating this jab at Bay, the filmmakers have managed to do a tremendous job emulating his sterile approach at action filmmaking, even at a modest budget, rubbing it in his face and tickling the funny bones of the legions of folks that despise even the mention of this person’s name. So who’s next on the chopping block?

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