By Christopher Curry | August 24, 2005

This is one ball-breaker of a movie that will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your rump firmly parked in its place. “Preacherman” tells the story of a con-man minister, Amos Huxley, who screws around with the wrong gal and finds his butt put outta the county by that wrong gal’s daddy – the local sheriff. A piece down the road Huxley finds another hottie, Mary Lou, and commences with the same, only this time he’s got the girl’s father fooled into thinking that he is there to expel the devils from her unclean body and spirit.

You see, Mary Lou’s dad is sick and damned tired of the endless succession of man-meat that continually finds its way into his daughters sleeping quarters. “She’s got an unnatural hankerin’ for men-folk.” Dad expresses his concern for her soul, and being the man of God that Huxley is, he obliges by showing Mary Lou the Holy Ghost or as he puts it, “The Angel Leroy.”

These shenanigans go on a bit and then Father Amos discovers an illegal still in the backyard. Huxley convinces Mary Lou’s father to make him a part of the organization so that “The Lord’s House” can be raised upon those very grounds. The old man concedes and we’re off and brewing white lightnin’ for the Lord! Of course Amos has no intention of raising anything other than his wee-willy-winky and as soon as enough loot is collected he’s on to the next town. Mary Lou seems a might upset at first but then she’s right back in the arms of some other backwoods hayseed. And what of Father Amos Huxley, our pastor of disaster? Well, who knows exactly what happened to his crooked a*s. I’ve heard that a year later a sequel was shot: “Preacherman Meets Widderwoman.”

Here’s some fun facts for ya: Director Albert T. Viola and Amos Huxley are one and the same, and apparently Viola was a bit of scoundrel in real life as he lost at least one job teaching drama due to “improper behavior” towards some of the lil’ chickies. Production manager Pat Patterson also turns in a role in this corn pone picture as Farley. Farley has quite the abnormal affinity for barnyard chickens and that’s something you won’t want to miss! Patterson was also a long-time cohort and partner in crime to the Godfather of Gore, H.G. Lewis. Patterson later went on to direct his own splatter pic, “Doctor Gore,” in 1973.

This Troma DVD is a triple feature, also including “Ellie,” with Shelly Winters, and “Hot Summer in Barefoot County.”

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