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By Doug Brunell | December 26, 2005

Somewhere in this country there is a support group that meets every
Thursday night at seven o’clock. The members of this group gather in a circle and talk about the various ways Kevin Costner has ruined their careers. One of this group’s mainstays, a man named Sinclair (Frank Oden), gets an idea in his head to kill Costner, and things go from there.

Fictional? Maybe. But there should be such a group (though murder may be taking it a step too far).

This is a subtle, funny film that deals with a real-life problem
(Kevin Costner) in a realistic way. The idea of having a support group for Costner’s casualties is brilliant in its own right, and the members’ complaints are actually fairly valid. As if that isn’t enough to make this short film worth watching, there is a twist ending that is as clever as it is hilarious.

The film may be too self-aware at times, but that can be forgiven.
If you are one of the millions of anti-Costnerites out there, you owe it to yourself to see this film. And if you’re a Costner fan, maybe you and the other three fans out there can form your own support group and figure out a way to destroy this film.

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  1. Mark C. Staben says:

    Killing Kevin Costner is not going far enough.

    He and those close to him should be subjected to suffering and misery for as long as possible.

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