By admin | March 17, 2003

A few years ago I sneaked into a wedding party in Philadelphia. Once inside, I roamed around in a Misfits shirt and torn jeans (everybody there was wearing a tux or a dress) for a good while before anybody even thought about questioning my presence. I didn’t know it at the time, but I kind of employed the party crashing technique known as the “Chicken Monkey.”
“Kid Protocol” is a remarkable, short documentary that demonstrates just how easy it is for the film’s namesake to worm his way into exclusive parties for stars and the film industry. He makes admission bracelets out of old newspapers, dresses like a caterer, sneaks in an unmanned door, scams limos and so on. He also makes himself invisible by drawing attention to himself, a process he calls “Chicken Monkey.” Would-be terrorists, are you watching?
Before 9/11, this would have been hilarious (and it honestly still is), but after the tragedy it takes on a whole new feel that “Kid Protocol” probably never expected. He’s not being some sort of terrorist, though, he’s merely showing the flaws in the system … and eating four-course meals and meeting celebrities to boot. If it’s this easy for a guy followed by a camera to party crash, imagine how simple it is for someone who wants to do harm. Let’s just hope something like that happens at the Vanity Fair party for the Oscars and not somewhere important.

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