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The Influence of Casinos on the World of Entertainment

By Film Threat Staff | December 10, 2021

It is our nature to have recreation to break us from the monotony of life and to divert our attention to a different phase different from reality which is the reason why people watch movies or television series. People’s diversion and lifestyle changed when cinematography was introduced in the 19th century through the aid of technology, moving still images, and photography.

Gambling has always been the most exciting form of entertainment since time immemorial up to the present and casino has been the place where the excitement of wagering originates. It is a lucrative business whose trademark represents flamboyance and sophistication. Bettors who used to bet in the conventional land-based casinos now shifted their interest to wager in an online casino because of its comfort and bonuses as well as a trend. The payment scheme is very convenient because it does not limit bank payments but it also accepts trusted third-party payment options such as Paypal, Trustly, Bright, Zimpler, Neteller, and many others. Some casino sites connect to one of these e-wallets for better access like Zimpler casino by Kasinohai, one of the best virtual casinos in Finland. This type of payment method is introduced for a more efficient transaction.

The impact of casinos inspires filmmakers to create movies and television shows based on the house of gambling. Drama and deceit are the typical genres but there are some movies that introduced tricks in betting and went as far as robbing a big establishment in Las Vegas. Good thing it’s just a movie.

Let’s talk about the top 5 famous television dramas with a casino theme…

1. Vegas (1978-1981)

Vegas is an exciting drama and crime American TV series produced by Aaron Spelling back in the ’70s. It is about a private detective in Las Vegas named Dan Tanna played by Robert Urich who solves crimes involving gambling, finds missing people, and issues casino scams. Dan Tanna’s mission was to make Las Vegas a safe place to live for the locals and tourists.

2. Big Deal (1984)

Big deal is a British drama-comedy television series which was aired through BBC from 1984 to 1986. It was about the story of Robbie Box, a small-time gambler who was played by Ray Brooks and his addiction to poker. In the story, Robbie Box has a girlfriend and a daughter, and his gambling lifestyle made his relationship with them to be on the rocks which made him be determined to give up wagering – until a hard to resist offer came which was an-all night poker session.

3. Las Vegas (2003-2008)

This television series was broadcasted by NBC airing five seasons. It is a story of the people working for Montecito, a fictional casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, and the president of operations of the place, ex-CIA officer Ed Deline. Later in the story, Ed Deline was replaced by Ed’s protégé Danny McCoy. It started filming in March 2003 and was said to be the most expensive pilot in NBC history. It was originally aired on Monday nights but was moved to Friday nights in 2006 which made the ratings go down. Finally, in February 2008, the series ended with cliffhangers.

4. Luck (2012)

This drama television series is an American drama starring Dustin Hoffman who just came out of prison after three years. He was set up by his former partner and associates and plans revenge on them. Set in the world of horseracing, it viewed different punters’ ups and downs and their frustrations in gambling as well as their desperation to get big money through betting and the greed of big-time players to earn more fortune. The series was immediately renewed by HBO after the success of the first season for another ten episodes which was scheduled to air in January 2013. Unfortunately, it was canceled on March 14, 2012, due to the misinformation spread pertaining to animal rights and safety issues.

5  The Lucky Man

The Lucky Man is a British action drama with a twist television series that aired in 2016 until 2018. It is the story of a detective Harry Clayton played by James Nesbitt who went bankrupt and nearly lost everything including his due to gambling. He nearly hit rock bottom when he met a woman named Eve who gave him a mysterious bracelet which changed his luck but comes with a price. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Final Insight

Casino life is indeed fascinating and has a lot of drama in fiction and reality. Viewers were able to get a glimpse of the glitter of the gaming house while having popcorn on their favorite couch. 

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