By Admin | May 7, 2012

In Vinod Bharathan’s Karma Code, Manu (RoneDavid Raj) is in his final week in India, getting ready to move to the United States to start his life anew. A man with a checkered past, he’s remained on the straight-and-narrow with the help of his buddy and co-worker Reghu (Rifaye Shahib). One evening he decides to go out to the local bar for a drink, and comes face to face with the very elements from his past that he’s been trying his best to avoid.

Karma Code is notable for its style and overall energy. Certain sequences just explode with visual power, and even the opening credits have a unique and wonderful aesthetic to them. The film does have some slow moments, so it’s not like a non-stop energy-a-thon, but when it does hit its peaks, it rises far above most.

While I didn’t always follow things perfectly (I stumbled over the accent from time to time, and had to check out the film’s website to figure out the names of the main characters), I was enamored with the feel of the film. I love high energy when delivered well, and Karma Code manages to throw some kick-a*s, tightly edited imagery at the audience.

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