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By Phil Hall | January 25, 2008

If a worst short film than “Karaoke Show” exists, I hope never to see it. German filmmaker Karl Tebbe created and stars in this pointless, joyless effort as a nude, would-be Michael Jackson who simulates the gloved one’s “Billie Jean” for the benefit of a fat man laying on a couch. To twist the MGM tune: that’s entertainment?

Yes, if you want to see a bald, naked German shaking his wiener schnitzel in stop-motion animation while a blaring soundtrack rips off a two-decade-old pop ditty, be my guest. How this slop got accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival is beyond me.

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  1. Michael Langan says:

    My favorite film of Slamdance 2008 by far. Karl Tebbe has balls. And it shows.

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