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By Phil Hall | December 14, 2006

Professional wrestling is not the easiest subject to parody, since it exists as a burlesque of sports. Love within the squared circle could possibly work as a comedy, given the narcissism that so many grapplers choose display as part of their personas.

Sadly, “Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy” is neither romantic nor comic, nor does it have fun with wrestling itself. This anemic indie feature follows the daughter of pro wrestlers as she finds herself at a crossroads of the heart: does she make her parents happy and marry a wrestler or does she seek out her own path by going outside of the ring to marry a nerdy Jewish businessman (complete with a yarmulke)?

Kim Sky, who wrote and directed this film, seems to have been hanging out with Mel Gibson and his dad – the film is stuffed with Jewish stereotypes that are more offensive than funny. The gay community can also take umbrage, thanks to the unfortunate (and painfully unfunny) mincing of a black gay sidekick character.

Even without these seriously unfortunate lapses in taste and intelligence, the film never quite finds its groove. As a send-up of wrestling, it feels like the work of an outsider who watched a few too many pay-per-view WWE matches. As a romantic comedy, it is antiseptic.

Comely Nicole Brier as the leading lady and beefy Ken Yasuda as the appropriately named wrestler Monster come out the best, thanks to their winning personalities. But beyond their performances, “Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy” is just another bad movie.

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  1. jim "tex " evans says:

    i know of a person that was in this movie. he goes by the stage name of Crappy the Clown. he had a band called Punch Drunk Monkies, in the Binghamton N.Y. area. he was a wrestling manager for The Somoans wrestling promotion in Allentown Pa. I do not want to give out his name,but i see his name is not listed anywhere on the web-site. thank you

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