By Admin | May 2, 2001

Reviewing films is not all fun and games. There are those times when a critic must sit and waste many minutes and even hours of his life watching movies that are completely worthless on every level, as well as visually disgusting–and then have something to say about them that is informative and entertaining. What we’re dealing with here is one of those movies.
“Jungle Monkey” opens with a naked, fat guy (Darmain) taking a dump. It’s the kind of cinematic moment that generally signals to the viewer that they’re in for some truly low-class visuals. In this case, that is an entirely accurate supposition.
Following the disturbing opening sequence, the fat dude whacks a guy in the teeth with a pool cue, causing a lot of fake blood to be spilled. Then we find ourselves in a crummy house, where a rather rotund lady is sitting in her underwear and spanking a G.I. Joe-ish doll. After which, our beefy friend decides to take a bath with the doll. She’s soon killed by an unseen intruder. And then the naked fat guy comes home and kind of jostles the smirking “corpse” around a bit.
One of the hazards of walking around naked is the risk of personal injury. This is especially true in the woods. And when our portly star trips–and has his p****r attacked by a skunk, it seems like justice is being served. As bloat boy lays on the ground he is approached by a bear. (It’s very apparent that this is simply a stuffed bear head that someone is waving in front of the camera. In fact, one shot clearly–and seemingly accidentally–shows this.) The bear ends up eating some cherries off this guy’s a*s. Another charming image.
If all this isn’t weird enough for you, the next plot twist is the skunk turning into a man with black make-up smear all over him. Unfortunately, he’s naked, too. I could go on with the rest of the freakishness, but what’s the point? If there was some “meaning” to “Jungle Monkey”, I didn’t get it. It seemed to mainly be about a bunch of fat, ugly, untalented people wanting to parade around naked on camera. And it might well have been a fun experience for them, but watching it was pure hell.

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