As you may have guessed, this raver flick is an update of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Now, I’ve never been exposed to any incarnation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so I’m not gonna bullshit you by trying to make any comparisons. However, I will tell you that after the first few minutes – as a guy rolls out of his bed to the tune of a techno beat on his alarm clock, stumbles into his living room, filled with spacey, fluffy furniture and a poster on the wall showing all the different types of ecstasy pills, and answers his phone which has a techno jingle – I was ready to kill. I’ve never been to a rave because I hate e-tards and all the beer I happened to be drinking at the time of this screening wasn’t doing a whole lot to stifle my hate.
But after the film gets going and a somewhat lively cast of characters shows up at a rave, I found myself enjoying this film. It’s kinda like…hmmmm…a “Can’t Hardly Wait” for the rave culture. There are different, intersecting love stories, and there’s the over-the-top wacky guy who can’t handle his e, and there’s a bad guy slipped into the whole thing to give it more PARUMPH! Not bad, I did some moaning and groaning at first, but wound up giggling most of the time. Good film, but I don’t think the KOMPRESSOR would care for it. KOMPRESSOR break your glowstick!

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