By Eric Campos | February 19, 2003

Yeah it’s a short, but “Johnny Flynton” has all of the intense emotional ups and downs of a masterfully constructed feature film.
Socially crippled by his shyness and judged for his brutish appearance, Johnny Flynton lives in peace and quiet with his wife Samantha, avoiding the company of others except when it’s time for him to step into the ring again to box his next opponent. Even we as viewers can’t help but judge and even fear Johnny because of his chiseled and tattooed looks…of course the movie opens up with an enraged Johnny smashing his head with his fists while standing over his wife who’s lying, bleeding on the kitchen floor, but we’re still a little guilty of judging a book by its cover.
As the film then takes a few steps back, to a time leading up to the opening incident, we find Johnny to be a very kind and even gentle man, who loves his wife very much and warmly welcomes the news that she is pregnant. But soon it’s off to his next match and even though it’s supposed to be a walk in the park fundraiser, Johnny finds himself up against a snot nose punk. The young punk foolishly tries to take Johnny’s head off with a series of cheap shots, but winds up having his a*s handed to him. Upset at his loss of self-control, Johnny runs out of the ring and returns home to the scene of which the film opened.
I’m trying to think right now of another indie short that’s as powerful and moving as this film is and I just can’t come up with one. Dash Mihok and Michele Matheson turn in astounding performances as the quiet couple, Johnny and Samantha Flynton and director Lexi Alexander has created a film that’s strong enough to contend with the majors. F**k “Rocky,” this is the best film about a boxer that I’ve ever seen.

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