By Admin | June 27, 2003

While the world waits for the next big screen installment of “Charlie’s Angels” (pause to yawn), the Baltimore dynamo Jimmy Traynor has produced his own version: “Jimmy’s Devils.” This short finds three women who have been mistreated by a variety of creepy men, but who find salvation when they are recruited by a mysterious guy to serve as his private brigade of revenge-enforcing ball-busters.
As a spoof of “Charlie’s Angels,” this little film is lacking in regards to the high action and high fashion which make the film and its TV predecessor a camp favorite. But “Jimmy’s Devils” deserves attention as a vehicle for presenting the three hottest women in indie films: Momoe Nakamura, Lisa Hinojosa and Peechee Neric as the eponymous demons. How hot are they? These are the kind of women who make little boys wish they were grown up, seniors wish they were young men, and married men wish they were single. They are the kind of women who can walk into a room and, from the kinetic energy of their raw sex appeal, command the power potential to make spies confess, priests forsake celibacy, cops break the law, Democrats vote for Republican proposals, and gay men smack their foreheads and declare: “What the hell was I thinking?” In a closing credit outtake, filmmaker Traynor has all three women sitting on his lap. That lucky bastard!

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